Helping out another newbie with Different needs...

Spoken Word/Voice Recording…

We LOVE the features, etc. in n-Track. We were playing with multitracks, adding features, and are immensely impressed with ourselves (a dangerous thing) since we are doing only spoken word/dramatic/voice over type experiments and probably sound like morons.

We are just about ready to buy, join the fold, etc. BUT…

We are using Windows XP on an hp pavilion, pentium 4. Our input device is an MXL condenser mike. Our sound card is something called an nVidia nforce audio codec interface. There are also Legacy audio drivers installed.

Do we need to install more audio codecs? If so where an we download them?

ALSO, and this feature may be disabled in the demo version:

being able to export to mp3’s for podcasting is critical:

We installed the Bladeenc, but the demo is still not recognizing it. OR is this simply disabled in the demo? I know it won’t save an mp3 version when I try to mixdown. The window saying it isn’t installed or recognized keeps popping up – even though WE DID!

Thanks in advance for your time: support and community is figuring very heavily in our decisions of which program to get involved with.

If your current soundcard performs to your satisfaction without any hiccups (and given you are just doing spoken word type stuff with 1 microphone) there isn’t really a need to upgrade your soundcard.
You don’t need any additional codecs either, but you may be able to update your drivers (but again, if the performance is ok at the moment then if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it)

As for mp3’s…
Most (if not all) people on this forum use a third party app to convert from the mixed down wav to mp3 because
a) the blaeenc codec is fairly old and does not produce as good results as LAME or some other codecs
b) people have had problems getting the mp3 conversion to work in n-Track (this hasn’t been a big issue due to point a)

dbPoweramp is a popular mp3 encoder. However recently the LAME codec for it has recently become no longer free. You can download older versions though that are.

Otherwise there are plenty of other free wav to mp3 converters out there (just do a search on or similar)


I think that answers my questions unless someone else has something else to add. I already own an mp3 converter (SmartWAVconverter)… so I guess I will be joining the “Official Fold” shortly.

As long as I know about the Mp3 thing and there is a small, viable workaround – I’m good.

Thanks Rich – for your time and “sound” advice. That pun was obvious, but too good to pass up.