here's a noob question for ya'

realtime playback

I can’t seem to figure out how to set it up, so I can hear what I’m playing in realtime, through my computer speakers.

I’ve tried to find the answer, and adjust things, but to no avail.

I’m going directly from my amp, to a usb audio interface (Lexicon Omega), then using usb to go to computer. It picks up the signal just fine, I’m just not able to hear it through my computer speakers until after I’ve recorded it. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

This most likely is a soundcard mixer setting. You just need to get the input signal routed to the output. It’s easier than it sounds.

Not sure if the Lexicon has its own mixer applet or whether it uses the Windows one. I’ll assume that it’s the Windows one -if not you should be able to adapt the following…

Pull up the Windows mixer (Speaker icon in system tray). The mixer will pop up.

Note that there are actually two mixers here - Recording and Playback. (Options–>Properties to select between them).

Make sure the Playback mixer is selected. Goto Options–>Properties and tick all the boxes in the “Show the following volume controls box”. Click OK etc to get back to the mixer view.

What you are looking at here is a volume control for each playback source… your guitar input being one of them (so playback is a bit of a misnomer but don’t worry about that). Anyway, find your input (eg Line-in) and make sure it is selected and that the volume is up. May take some trial and error and you may just hav to select each input and strum the guitar until your find the right one.

Hope this works for you.

There’s also a round button in the low left corner of Recording VU-meters window in N-track. The round button is called monitor on/off, when it’s on it’s green and when it’s off it’s gray. Try pushing that.