Here's a song that's close... need feedback

Iplan, you pay me too high a compliment, I don’t think I’ve really had any valuable input to give you - these other guys know a whole lot more than I do. But I am a fatihful listener.

You ever read Twain’s “Extracts from Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven”? There’s a great scene in there about the harp/boring thing… :)

And as promised I have posted my “rip-off” of Sparks, here:

"Above the Little Men."

In the interest of openness, however, I should tell you that part of the backwards vocal is a Buddhist chant. The rest is either nonsense or me reading the labels on some of my equipment. That worked surprisingly well, actually.



Sorry for not responding to your post sooner.
I’ve been out of town all week, and just took a peak to see what I’d missed.

Let me say that this is a great song!
I haven’t been a big Who fan for years, and I’m only familiar with their “hits” so I don’t correlate it to anything else.

That said, those vocals are so peculiar, they have a sureal, almost instrumental feel to them.
I think it’s very cool.

Quick Questions:

I noticed your clean rhythm guitar on “Above the Little Men”… is that a Rickenbaker I’m hearing?
Do you ever play live?
I think you’ve certainly got the material to choose from.
A lot of full time bands that don’t have 36 songs to choose from.

All the best,

I think I’m going to keep the guitar solo “as is” in The Firehouse.
After figuring that I’d hate it in a day or so, just the opposite has happened.
I did get a suggestion to “fuzz” it up a bit at the beginning (3:33), but I’m not sure I’m going to do that.

Heeeeyyyyy my “quick post option” is working!