Here's one to play for your EX

I wrote it for mine

She Takes All Of Me

Poppa that is by far my favorite of what you have posted so far. I love everything about it. I love the little bit of ear candy in the background, the stuff with lots of reverb on it, e.g., at around 1:40 after the chorus. And those lyrics are great.

I was just sort of wondering - the song is in A? - assume that it is for a moment, and what if right at 3:18 when you sing the title line, if you went from E to G then D then A, holding the “meeeeeeee” on an A through it…I mean, I know the song is done, and it is obnoxious for me to even suggest it, but in my head it sounds kind of cool to do this after having heard the chorus straight for the earlier choruses…sort of makes the point emphatically.

What are the drums?

The drums - best session drummer I ever used - Edie Anderson
You could solo his snare and it sounded liquid. After-beats just drippin’ everywhere.

As for the chord changes - great movement - would have worked nicely - should have had you on the demo session!

Thanks for the comments - maybe I ought to start a WhippleWill Music demo page - I got a mess of tunes.

Thanks Tom

i made sure to play it on headphones. :laugh:
love those harmonies in the chorus. your voices, or helped out?
still sounds much in the style of ‘alabama’, as is a common feeling when i listen to your stuff. loved alabama, by the way.

Man, Radio Ready, geezzzzzzzzz

Get that demo page done! Get that song in the competition! I’ll vote for it.

I was going to suggest you put this song here Tommy. There’s something about the chord changes in the verses that interests me further…

Vocals are just Sterling and I - I used to hit a fair high harmony.

Here’s another. Runaway

Harold Shedd - Alabama’s producer was one of my favorite targets. Plus the blend of the harmonies was a natural for us.

The site is up - 8 is enough for today - It just gets me hot that none of these were ever cut.
My own fault though.

WhippleWill Demo site