Here's tough question.  Interference

Interference with my pickups

I’m getting lots of interference being picked up by my pickups on guitars. Seems if I place my body between the laptop and pickups it reduces the interference by 90% so it seems. Short of moving my laptop to another room, is there anyway to stop this interference so I can leave my laptop where it is?



power conditioning?

it would help to know the guitar types, some benefit from shielding others not so much, IMHO.


Thanks, I’m getting some copper and going to try shielding as a first step. My stuff is in my sig.


Well I got the copper tape. For those wishing to save money go to a plant store and ask for “Slug Repellent” it’s just copper tape with sticky backing but you’ll save big. I got a 50foot roll for $20 CND

So I covered every square inch of the cavities under the Seymore Ducan pickups and under all the switches and volume controls and under the Floyd Rose, front and back, even under the springs. Everything under the hood so to speak including all the back plate covers making sure to also solder grounding wires from all the door plates to the inner copper cavities and grounding wires from the pickup cavities to the back plates of the pickups themselves… Took 2 full days to complete.

Result, about a 95% drop in interference. Well worth the effort.

If anybody wishes some advice on how to tune a Floyd Rose from the install of new strings to a well balanced bridge, perfect action on the neck, to perfect tuning. I have some tricks and tips I’d be willing share. I’ve got it down to science these days so just ask.

Guitar in question is my Jackson Dinky