here's what came out this morning...


Gotta use the time when ya get it!

Anyway, Craig’s meditations on songwriting may have had something to do with this. Also, 75% of the words are “adapted” from sources, which should mostly be obvious. “Mistress Flurry Again”:

writing is genius - mixing is lead heavy stepping on the vocal @ 2:04 or so - leave it out and let it build! Love the end… LOL
About time to make that wav CD we’ve all been wanting Tom!

Well you said it so fast at the end I had to play it back 8 times . . . . :laugh:

Not sure what to say about the tune or mix. :cool:

Yep…the solo guitar walks all over the vox from 2.09 to 2.30 or so.

However, the song is a killer, nice piece of writing. Vocals up to your normal high standard and guitars are great with a little tweaking of the mix. Quiet piano at the start and end is a nice touch.
Good one Tom. :agree: :agree:

I do like the ballsy sound on the lead TS! Sometimes subtraction adds? :agree: This paticular style doesn’t work for me. Would love that lead sound in another tune. Get a gig. :wink:

Oh wait! U have wife and kids, never mind. Keep up the great work! :agree:

Ooooo, this I Really liked :)
love the little break in your voice as you end your noted on a upturn. (hope that made sense…Superb vocals Tom.

Guitar is awesome. (That note at 3.17 :love: )

Harmonies are spot on.

Ange x

Has anyone turned you on to Dashboard Confessional? Check out Thick as Thieves sample mid right page. Similar writing and production styling. “Stolen” is a little too commercial for my taste in Emo though.

Quote: (Levi @ May 06 2009, 2:15 PM)

Oh wait! U have wife and kids, never mind.
Keep up the great work!

Ah, you have identified the problem...

Poppa - will do - never listened to them - heard of them somewhere - but I hate music - never listen to it anymore. :)

I'll go fix the guitar. Worked very fast today.

Piano at the beginning and end - it's in the middle too!

And I thought you’d been listening to Coldplay. I don’t care if the guitar does step on the vocals a bit, I like this one.


but I hate music - never listen to it anymore.

Well some would argue what they do isn't music - so who is who?

Awesome!! I’m on a Spademan original!!! (you intentionally elongated that dead space though didn’t you?

Cool tune as ever Tom. Great backing vox. Great writing. Simple yet complex…now that’s an achievement even for Mr. Prolific there

Given the time frame too…it’s exceptional.

What you doin’ for bass there?

Bass is a J bass DI into the LA 610. Sound OK?

Yeah sounds good to me Tom :agree:

Glad it sounds good,
I don’t have time to get really good, only good enough.
Mostly I ignore the box as long as the signal is hot enough.
Just plug and play. Heck, the strings on it are the ones that were on it in the local guitar satan 2 years ago…

Loved it, real moody sound to it, tied me up in knots for a bit there. I’m feeling better now. :agree: Good one!

Sorry 'bout that, Nix!