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Toker, can you attach right wing smear?

Democrats accidentally send campaign software to Republican candidate
Associated Press
October 11, 2004 DEMS1012
BOUNTIFUL, Utah – U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop got an unexpected campaign contribution last week.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee accidentally mailed the freshman Republican lawmaker a computer program to create campaign ads for his 1st Congressional District race.

This is a cool little campaign toy that could be helpful to our campaign,'' he said.<br><br>While Bishop said he was grateful to the Democratic Party for their kind consideration of his campaign needs, the Republican decided to send it back.<br><br>Bishop figured - and the Democrats agreed - the program was intended for the other freshman congressman with the same last name, New York Democrat Tim Bishop.<br><br>The irony is not lost on Rob Bishop's Democratic opponent, Steve Thompson, who says he didn't get a copy of the program from his own party.<br><br>I’d like to get one, though, so please tell them to send me one,’’ Thompson said.

I heard it was actually a virus that would infect all the Repubs computer networks and PC’s. The PC’s would work normally except for the “w” key.


Actually, that was a Clinton staff joke that they left behind for Bush when he took office. They popped the W key off most keyboards in the White House right before they left, and did a few other things to make things difficult for the new President.

A virus that does it? That would be classic. :)

(no, I don’t thing a real virus is a good idea)

It was like the Borg episode where they wanted to infect the “collective” with a worm. The computer sent to the ugy in Utah was to infect all Republican computers :p :laugh:

Yeah, I remember the Clinton staff “w” key stunt. That gave me the idea for starting a rumour that the proggie was a “w” key disabling virus. You know how it is…if there ain’t no good rumours going around…start one! :D


Clinton lied…he didn’t try to inhale…


I heard the problem w/ Clinton was that he never exhaled :laugh: