Here we go again!

I recently got a new computer, with ntrack 4. I already registered ntrack 3.3, around late may early june, and I misplaced the registration data. I email Ntrack asking for my registration info, but no luck so far. any tips on how do get it back?

Um, e-mil Flavio, that is the one and only way. He responds quite quickly usually. Check any spam filters to see if his response got peeled off or send another e-mail in case you entered your return address wrong. Then, when you get your codes print them out and put them in a safe place here you will not lose them.

I emailed him a week ago, no luck yet.

Did you make sure to include the electronic receipt for your order, along with any other identifying info Flavio may also have on file in order to verify who you are (name used to order, date ordered, etc.)? That should at least prove as much as is possible through email that you are who you say you are. I’m still not sure he would oblige, though, as I’ve seen other shareware companies which will refuse to retransmit reg codes for any reason, or so they claim.

I’m just throwing out ideas, as I haven’t personally had to recover them.


Make sure to include the date, and your original email address at that time when you first registered the earlier version when you contact Flavio.

I had a simular problem when I tried to upgrade from 2.x to 3.x.

Hey soma, long time no post…
Anyway, as you know I have listened to all your previous attemps at using Ntrack, all those months ago.
Also i have replied to several of your post requesting help for this and that, only for you to never return to read them or say thanks, but as you say, “here we go again”.
I dn’t know how it is in your culture, but here in the US, we thank people who help us. That being said I will tell you what I know regardless if you will ever acknowledge reading it.
Let me get this straight. You had 3.3 registered version on your old computer, right?
Now you got a new one. But lost the registration data?
As far as I know it should be on the old computer. You have the rigitered version of it on there so…burn the 3.3 registered version to a disk (along with the pluggins you may have). Now put the disk in the Cd-rom of the new computer.
Open the disk ans load 3.3 in the new computer, afrter loading the self registering pluggins it should work just fine.
I’d worry about the 4.0 version later, right now you just need to get a registered version into the new computer.
Also, once you do, I think there’s a “contact Ntrack” or “contact Flavio” button inside ntrack, just use that avenue to email him and give your name and aprox, date of purchase. He should get back to you as soon as he can, but in the meantime you can use the 3.3 on the new DAW.
BTW bubbas suggestion is a good one as well, write it down or send it in a email to yourself, marking it (N-codes) or something so you never delete it.
Hey, if you never read this or repond, it won’t be the first time…keep experimenting with that pen thing on your fret board it was unique.