HERE'S A BUG LIST : ( in V9.1 - New to NTRACK Purchased Yesterday

Hi how are you? I’m very new to N-TRACK. Just purchased it yesterday. I’m a Pro-Tools and Cubase user.
Thought I’d try something different was hoping NTrack was stable but this isn’t the case :disappointed:
I have major projects ahead and would love to use NTRACK for these HITS! Hopefully you guys/girls at NTRACK can help me out. That would be great!


  • PLAYBACK > Bug/Glitches during playback. When I press ( spacebar | play ) a 2 - 3 second delay/pause occurs before it plays.

  • RECORDING > Bug/Glitches are same as when I “Playback”. Delay before recording.

  • METRONOME > Bug/Glitches during playback/record I set a “Count In”. I begin to record and no sound. I
    receive no metronome click. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  • METRONOME SETUP > When you click “Test” nothing plays. You have to press the test button then stop quickly (repetitively pressing). Then you will hear the click or claves what ever you have set for your

Side Note : Side Chaining… is this possible in NTRACK?

Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

Wayd Bloom


yes side chaining is possible, please check out the user guide topic at

It appears you’re having problems with audio devices latency/buffering. What platform are you using n-Track on (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)?
If you’re using it on Windows make sure you’re using Wasapi, Asio or WDM audio drivers. Please check out these two video tutorials on setting up audio devices correctly on Windows:
video 1
video 2

Or this one for Mac.

If you continue having problems please contact us at


Thanks. I’ve viewed these video before but I’ll check my settings one more time to make sure everything
is set correctly. I just find it to be weird because I didn’t have any problems with Pro Tools and Cubase. If I have further issues I’ll be sure to contact support. Thanks again for your swift response. I appreciate it.