heres a good one, mystery noise

i noticed when i plug in my cheapy bass guitar that the pickups would “tick” about
every second. it seemed more pronouced from one pickup than the other.

i noticed on my other guitar (with humbuckers) that if it was driven you could hear the ticking aswell.

i couldn’t think what it could be. i plugged things in and out, and went half mad looking for a watch or some timepiece hiding somewhere, i switched lights on and off, used headphones, tried different rooms, held the guitar upside down, but nothing could explain it or solve it.

so i gave up and went up to the farm as there was a cow calving.
so she had her calf and i was making sure all was ok, when i hear this ticking
about once a second, the electric fence is powered from this shed. so i plugged it out and returned home, plugged in my guitars, problem solved! :) madness

ya might wanna lift the ground on yer gear… or eat more ChiKen…

Oh, very mooooving workaround…

Heh-heh… I get a charge out of threads like this…


PS Maybe not… he unplugged da’ critter zapper…

PPS Had a similar, seemingly random ‘click’ showing up in my recordings. It was the fan motor relay for the air conditioning. Had to turn it off while tracking the quiet bits.