Hey Bubba,

got the pre!

Hey Bubba, the art pre finally arrived today - I’d nearly forgotten all about it! Just have to get a power supply that will feed it off 240volts now.

Hi Willy:
Do you have a link that shows the model and specs of the one you have?


Yeah, it’s this one.


I have one of those. While not a great sounding preamp, (IMO and whatcha expect for next to nothing…) it is a super handy problem solver for level matching, direct injection etc… Well worth the money for sheer convenience sake.


I have one too. not great. S’pose anyone here would want to trade something for it?

I got one of these recently:

dbx 286 preamp

Knocks spots of my (also recently acquired) VTB-1. (VTB-1 is going on Ebay!)

Willy, if you can get a better quality tube to replace the one which comes with the ART MP1, I think you will be amazed at how much better it sounds! I bought mine when they first came on the market, and after I put a GrooveTubes tube in, it sounded way phatter, and I could use gain settings 1/4 to 1/3 lower than with the original tube.

Good luck!
'til next time;
tony w

Dittos on replacing the tube… I used one of those all the way through my last CD.

Yay! I was wondering about that. It took friggin’ long enough. I was afraid it was going to show up with boot marks.