Hey Dubious, here's some distortion!


…and every cliche in the book! My gift to you with deepest respect and friendship! :D

The song is called “Can You Add Some Distortion, Please?” here:


I guarantee that every single thing on there is a first take, including the vocals!

It changed the way you played didn’t it - admit it - it was a blast!
Sometimes makin’ fun is, well, makin’ FUN!

Heh… One of your BEST efforts Tom! :agree: :agree: < two-thumbs-up

What Poppa said… you stepped outside your “normal” space a bit. NOW… find a way to merge this with the other… :agree:



Hey you know 95% my music is church related right? Well, we have songs that merge “jangly” pop sounding guitars, heavy, distorted guitars, “fiddly” delayed, Edge sounding stuff and all places in between… sometimes in the SAME song. It’s all good and it can all serve a purpose. I’m enjoying getting pushed into different playing.


it does sound right out of aerosmith’s catalog, instrumentally speaking.
the cool thing is, tom, that with your voice you can’t be too cliche. it always adds a fresh edge to it. you could put that voice on ‘kum-ba-ya’ and it would automatically have drive. the ‘woooos’ are neat.

Dub, sociologically, I find it one of the most interesting things in recent Christian history that the devil’s music has been made over.
On the same note, so to speak, one of the local haunted houses scares the kids with images of hell straight from Dante (wonder if they know that) and then at the end they pray with them.
Talk about conversion - of the haunted house and of some of the folks.

Does much of your church rock and roll say stuff like you should give away all of the stuff you have to lepers and tax collectors and prostitute and that guy who lives under the bridge?
If so, I’m coming to your church.

Anyway, that was the Taylor classic electric through my Little Lanilei - at a very low volume - into a 421 and the Presonus Eureka - no other processing, other than a tiny bit of n-Track echo on the “lead” and the vocal - that’s it - ya gotta admit that it sounds big - and you should hear that little amp through a nice 4x10 cabinet really cranked up - verging on feedback, nearly out of countrol - haven’t figured out how to record that yet - but what a rocking sound live - I wish I’d been able to get that tone 20 years ago - I’d still be in O’Kayz Corral just letting the feedback sing…

Edit: JDET - you kidding? Aerosmith? The greatest rock band ever? wow. You are one helluva nice guy. That’s a helluva nice thing to say. Hmm…next time I’m gonna put some time into acyutally playing a good solo.

Codicil: I’m doing Kumbaya next.


If so, I'm coming to your church.

I'll see you at 10:30 Sunday morning! "The Rock" South Broad Street - Scottsboro, AL.


We are good stewards with what we have... that's all I can say. Every year, October 31st, we have "Harvest Fest". We do this for the community so kids will have a safe, "clean" alternative to the "Trick or Treat" thing. Last year, we had 3,500... we're projecting 5,000 this year. No cost. No pressure. We feed 'em, show 'em a good time and sing 'em a few worship songs. They have those big inflatable rides and all manner of cool stuff...

The rest of the year? Well... you might be surprised if you saw what our "little" church does to help people. That's what it's all about... :agree:

Anyway, back to the tune... Does that Taylor have the mini-buckers? It sure sounds like it. Great tone man... I betcha it'd make me cry if I heard it in person. :agree:

Well... I need to hit the sack. I have to climb into a kerosene powered tin-can in the morning and go to Minneaplois on business. I'm really looking forward to it. NOT!!


putting time into solos is way overrated. or maybe for me it’s way underrated, which is why i get what i get. if i tried a little harder…

Hey Tom,

Great stuff! JDET is right, you can load every rock cliche in the book in that song and that voice of yours will allow you to get away with it. The voice adds a new and slightly unpredictable edge to most things you do it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to! This is a good storming rock n roll song…Well done!


Thanks, Ian!

Dubious, I wouldn’t be surprised. BTW, we had 450 kids at our door last year. Unbelievable. And all we had was a fog machine and some blowups. :agree:

Blessed Samhain to you, Dub!

Well hey, as an early Asmith freak ( I love them until Night in the Ruts , then they got all commercial and sappy) I can say they would love and approve of this. Great riff, great guitar tones, vocals, everything comes together like ( 70’s) vintage rockin stuff! Another good one!

Quote: (nixon1972 @ Oct. 20 2008, 1:24 PM)

Well hey, as an early Asmith freak ( I love them until Night in the Ruts , then they got all commercial and sappy)...

Got that right, Nixon!

But what really stands up as well as their stuff up to that point? Not much.

Au contraire!
You don’t remember SA TUR DAY NIGHT - the Bay City Rollers?
The Bee Gees??

Which reminds of a story - here pull up a chair- I went on our last vacation to this vinyl store called Alamo records in San Antonio, yes just down the street from the landmark and the guy there claims to have 250,000 records! Well you walk in and it’s believable, there is this huge room packed with old style album racks. So the thing that strikes me is that here this guy is alone in the store, with 50 years of music history at his fingertips… And he’s got Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captian and Tenielle on his turntable blaring out at top volume!!! What a total waste!!

Ah the 70’s were a golden age in music we’ren’t they?

NOT! :laugh:

Thank God “Southern Rock” came along is all I can say.

"Remember the folk music scare of the sixties? Man, that crap almost caught on."
Martin Mull


Thank God "Southern Rock" came along is all I can say.

*bows head solemnly*



Fun tune! :laugh:

Scantily clad girls, a '57 chevy and a bottle of Jack, here we go!

Good ol’ Tom!
Nice guitar sound going there…a sound I can never seem to get…

As everyone has said…and I’ve said before, that cool voice can make any cliche sound fresh.

:agree: :agree: