Hey Fellas and Lady


What’s going on?

Been on the moon.

Wrote a bad song to get back on earth.

“I Can Feel”:


Gotta lotta catching up to do, my deep apologies…

Thats a nice one.
Love the stereo spread with cool guitar in left (right?) side.

We missed you, how was the moon? Great song! yeah stereo guitars are great, love the vocal effects, like a slapback sound to it, you doubletracked the choruses? the “feel” at 2:24, ooh so close, but love the tune! :agree: Glad to see you’re back. I missed the song-a-day roll we got into there for a while,

yeah, that’s nice. then i went back and listened to ‘you shatter me’ again, and remembered how great that tune is as well. and of course, ‘claw and eye.’ what a streak! he’s unconscious! he’s in the zone! (that’s what the kids say, right?)

Nice song Tom. Scary that you write so easily…good to see you back on form :agree:

YEY; I got my guru back :;):

I envy your ability to so easily put your individual unique sound in to every song so consistently. I honestly can’t understand what all that crap is doing on the radio when there are songs like yours out there.

Love the touches of harmony :agree:

Ange x

I likes.

Your mixes (is it the new interface?) are blowing me away son! Great job!

Edit, well I like everything about it except the 10 seconds of dead intro space! :whistle:

good work man! really like that (ziggy stardust?) feel you put in the mix - voice is perfect for that too.


wow that vocal sounds massive, guitars also. This reminds me of me aerosmith collection especially the guitars. Totally agree with ange, I have bbc radio 1 on at work all day and this sounds better that most of the crap that they play. I have much to learn.


I’m having a devil of a time logging in to the board. I can log in on my laptop, but I can’t see any buttons for posting - no “add reply” or “new topic” or “new poll” buttons. Why would that be? Hrumph.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words. Managed to screw up another recording, called “All My Toys” here:

Sorry I’ve been absent of late - I have so much listening to catch up on… :)

Quote: (alfieralph @ Jul. 07 2009, 4:16 PM)

wow that vocal sounds massive

:laugh: Reeking of soul.

Tom! I love it! "All My Toys"
Great stuff! One of your best mixes ever!
Who’s doing the flute?

What Yaz said plus more. Great sound, clear, defined and pro sounding. Flute is a nice touch. Good stuff Tom. :agree: :agree: :agree:

Motu or not, you are getting amazingly good at this writing/recording thing. :agree:

YessireeBob! nice Tom - very. Great mix - classic TomS!

Top notch chap, i’ll say! :agree:

Mary…is that you on the flute? how cool is that?! :cool:


Ange x

Uh…the “flute” is a 7 dollar tin whistle, played in the spirit of the Troggs - by me - Mary thought it was hilarious…

Well it worked for me! :)

Love the beat to this - toys, cool chorus with the vocals, the words are great, I didn’t understand them all with one listen, but all the solid state and California makes me think there must be something retro in there, another very good tune ya got there!