Hey Flanders!

How’s this one?

“I Won’t Be Free”:


Nice harmonies Tommy, the guitars are a little scratchy sounding in the solo area. U B musically bussy, as if free free free.

What’s goin on in Marysville?
No pun intended.
Heard something about Marysville Mich on the news tonight.

The guitar is supposed to be scratchy there! You know how I played it? With a spark plug puller! :laugh:

:p I have to go do the dishes and rehash that rhythm track.
Keep up the good scratch work

Yes, yes, yes, I know, I just got sidetracked by the 4 part harmony experiment. :)

I didn’t like it.

I loooove four part harmonies…good for you :;):

nice little piece…liked the outro alot.

What?!?!? What about the intro, Ange!?!?!

Just kidding! You know that the song is about having the flu, of course! :)

Don’t you just love doing those harmonies? :agree:

Like the harp, and the piano far right as fillers.

And yes the outro!! Reminds me of early Rod Stewart (his cool stuff)


Wonderful harmonies Tom. Unusual rythmn for you, like it! Slide is nice, outro cool too, particularly the bass.
Good track! :agree: :agree:

Hi Tom S:

The harmonies are great…
I hear the Lettermen…
the Inkspots…
are there any old enough to remember those Vocal Quartets ????
I believe there may have been more groups…
They were popular in the mid-to-late 50’s and early '60’s…
They never used tracks like that in their instrument filling and backing…
they used lots of reverb on their voices and all…

I used to listen to them with my crystal sets…

Holy Moly…
Where all that gray hair comming from, under my cap.????


Thanks for the encouragement, folks, you are very kind. Even flanders who didn’t rip it too much. :)

Bill - those groups are just a bit before my time, but I know them pretty well anyway, who doesn’t recognize the Ink Spots as soon as they here them? The Lettermen have had one heck of a long career, I remember them performing at my dad’s hotel in Detroit in about 1983, I see they are still going strong…


Sparky Fingers, I was just wondering what your signature dish is? :D

Oyako donburi. ANd yours?


chicken + fettucini alfredo or carbonara (homemade sauces, of course)

Sweet sporty dishes like Shania Twain / Ali Landry :love: