hey ho, I gave it a go!

new recording ‘refuse sack!’

Anyone up for a giggle?!

I dunno if I should be proud of this or embarrassed…

I wrote this song a while ago and Rob loves it but I’ve always hated the vocals and it’s not really my ‘style’ but it’s kinda fun so
hey ho, I gave it a go!

Mr Phooo, I hear drums!?!?!?!

Refuse sack!

Ange x

To us Yanks that’d be “Garbage bag” right? :laugh:

I’ll give a listen later… crappy laptop speakers now… :disagree:


Hi Ange,
I find nothing funny about this song. Nice job. The homeless will appreciate you caring.

Refuse sack… that is when you aren’t willing to accept your firing from your job.

Or an unwilling defensive lineman?


With black feet? :laugh:

Nice tune. :agree:

I think It sounds great…I love your style of singing

Be proud Ange.

Nice song. Nice touch of Katie Melua in it too.


Everything sound great to me.
How did you record it?

You’re right - some nice drums, wooden snare, T-Bone Burnett style production. Oh man.

Tom, that’s the first thing that came to mind for me as well. Very nice!!! :)

That’s a beautiful song Ange! Great imagery in the lyrics. Some light percussion in selected parts would be nice, but very nice as-is.

(Wish I could come up with something as simple and pure as that. I’m still trying to finish off a piece that needs a dozen wild Scottish warriors to sing the chorus :) )

Quote: (Bruffie @ Jan. 23 2009, 5:08 AM)

I'm still trying to finish off a piece that needs a dozen wild Scottish warriors to sing the chorus :)


Can't believe how much that just made me laugh!

hey Tom...I hear a nice funky/juicy Bass riff too...hint hint, nudge nudge, poke, prod, hug! :p

Ange x

…back of the queue Ange…back of the queue… :laugh:


....back of the queue Ange....back of the queue..... :laugh:

Nah huh... here be the advantage of being the only female N-trackian...


(you wouldn't wanna be seen to not be a gent eh?...step aside! :laugh: )

Ange x


Hold on…what about 'age before beauty’???

HA! Gotcha!


Hold on.....what about 'age before beauty'???

Ha! I'm younger too...hehe, I win again!!! :laugh:

nay nay nay…it means oldies before pretty 'uns :laugh: