Hey Mr. Disc Jockey?


A list by Diogesneez.

Tunes I wish our local DJ’s would FORGET about for at least 10 years.

Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Turn the Page - Bob Seger
Strut - Bob Seger
Old Time R&R - Bob Seger

Anything solo Neil Young (CSN&Y okay)

Stairway to Heaven - Zep

Lyin’ Eyes - Eagles
Desperado - Eagles
Tequila Sunrise - Eagles

Devil Went Down to Georgia - CDB (PLEASE?!?!?)
Legend of Wooley Swamp - CDB

Anything Guns & Roses (Axl hurts my ears and NO! Slash is NOT a guitar GOD!!) Oy…

Dave era Van Halen - Sick of it twenty years ago… STOP! PLEASE!! Roth can’t sing for crap and can’t play a radio without knockin’ it out of tune… don’t give a clown so much credit.

Clapton Unplugged - It AIN’T the same… you ground it into our sub-conscious when it was new… IT IS OLD! STOP!!

Well… that’s it for now… off to bed. Add your own list please. Be interested to hear if you guys suffer from the “Don’t play it again Sam!” malady…


:laugh: I suppose your talkin to yourself! But um I can realate! You still listen to the radio?

yea, radio - maybe once a week in the truck… classical station only.

Beethoven’s 5th - It was old before radio!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jul. 01 2009, 11:20 PM)

yea, radio - maybe once a week in the truck...... classical station only.

Beethoven's 5th - It was old before radio!

I have a liking for the 9th. Most inspiring piece I heard was the pilgrims chorus from Wagners' Tannhauser...think it was the Berlin Philarmonic. Those huge swelling male voices were amazing.

Radio DJs? Yep!

I'd go along with most of yours D,

Can I add 'Hotel California'? It's just so overplayed (anyway it will wind Yaz up :) )
and they played that Kid Rock, "Sweet Home Alabama thing" to death here.....

With you on Guns n Roses and Van Halen!

And by the way Mr DJ....Bryan Adams recorded a lot more than 'Heaven' and that bloody thing from Robin Hood!!

Yep, radio absolutely sucks! But nuttin a sledge hammer or .357 can’t fix!

I’d have to throw a couple Foreigner tunes and some Styx in there as well.

Juke Box Hero and Renegade.

And Journey, oh boy…

Quote: (Yaz @ Jul. 02 2009, 3:11 AM)

Yep, radio absolutely sucks! But nuttin a sledge hammer or .357 can't fix!

I'd have to throw a couple Foreigner tunes and some Styx in there as well.

Juke Box Hero and Renegade.

And Journey, oh boy.....

:) Oh boy indeed! Since Journey hired the Filipino singer, I hear it constantly from the Mrs and on the Filipino Channel on TV. The guy's a good singer but there are limits........

I don’t know if this will help ya any but here’s their pitch: “music… real music from all artists, freedom from the faulty music industry’s control of what we can and cannot hear, fear no censorship with us, peace, love and music…real music”

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jul. 01 2009, 11:20 PM)

Beethoven's 5th - It was old before radio!

:laugh: Damn old!
In those days one could charge a buck or two for admission, everything was fresh out of the water.

Ah… I am not alone then! I got tired of typing last night but you guys filled in some gaps very nicely.

I listen to radio in the car to/from work and I swear one or more of the songs listed WILL BE PLAYED during those fifteen minutes I’m driving! Good grief…

During our trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago, THREE different stations were playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” AT THE SAME TIME! At that moment, I wished the CD player in wifeys car wasn’t busted… Then I remembered my iPod. I know you ain’t supposed to do it, but I turned the radio off and stuck my iPod buds in my ears. Now I was in control… Everybody else was asleep anyway. (Side note: On trips, why does everybody go to sleep when you’d think someone would want to talk to the driver to keep HIM awake?)


PS Common radio denominator? Yep. Found out all the classic rock stations I had tuned in during the trip are Clear Channel stations. Including two out of the three I can pick up locally. Wow…

anything…ANYTHING…anything by kid rock

driving for a living, i listen to the radio all the time.

i concur with ‘hotel california.’ i’m pretty done with most ac/dc songs as well (they’re way overplayed on the big classic rock station here, along with ‘immigrant song,’ which i can still handle).

there’s more, but i’ll have to think of them.

‘taking care of business’ and ‘blinded by the light’


taking care of business'

That was on our set list back the day... SICK OF IT as well for that reason as well as the fact that the stations somehow think that's the only song BTO ever recorded! What's up with that?


PS Kid Rock? Ewww... He's in the same camp as David Lee Roth IMO. Over indulged clown...

Does anyone ever hear new classic bands or classic rock songs being promoted on the radio?
I don’t mean modern rock (whatever that is) but new material by older bands or new bands that are obviously classic in style?
You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve only been listening to Sirius.


Does anyone ever hear new classic bands or classic rock songs being promoted on the radio?

Cheap Trick, but no, not in the regular radio. They been putting out new material every few years since day one. Of course (one), they have found their sound, so it's closer to formula writing, but it's new stuff never the less, and it's usually interesting. Of course (two), is Cheap Trick 'classic rock' or 'classic pop' or what? I still like almost everything they do, and that's been going on since I first heard them in 1977.

AC/DC, yes, on the regular classic rock channels. Their latest release sounds like their old Brian Johnson stuff - finally -- but no much Bon Scott era stuff in there. But that also means it's a rehash of their old Brian Johnson stuff for the most part.

I find a wealth of new artists/songs just by listening to internet radio stations (and
sites like this n-track forum).

You can get little stations that play good but little known stuff, stations from around
the world, and for free (of course you gotta pay for your internet connection).

Wish I had it in the car, because yes, most stations play the same tired
list of songs that some high paid consultant told them is all “we” want to hear.

I’ve suggested an n-Track Radio station before. A lot of times at work where I have really good internet service, I’ll stream Reaper Radio. There is no doubt that there are some truly talented people cranking out GOOD music that are not “mainstream” signed artists.


PS I forgot another Bob Seger tune… “Night Moves” Ugh… it was on again when I went out for lunch.

my soundclick station is mostly ntrack artists, but is rather incomplete.
when i was hurt and bedridden, i started planning an actual weekly radio show to be put on soundclick, complete with new music every week in a large variety of genres, dj introductions, all that. then i had surgery and when back to work, so no time for that.

but i can put together an n-track station on soundclick, no problem. give me a sec…

in the day of NAB cartridges and DJs, i got to where, on my hour-long commute, i could tell what song was coming next. it seemed that they only had 2 or 3 nab carts and i had them memorized. not good. :p