Hey - Mt. Helen's at it




Looks like it’s just a big puff of steam. The earthquakes never let up during the one this morning, and are continuing to slowly build. The lava dome pushed to almost 100 feet over the weekend. I don’t think it’s done yet.

Believe it or not, we had dust from the last blowup all the way down here in Alabama. The weather guys on TV were having a fit with all their gadgets and cock-a-maimy predictions. “Take an umbrella tomorrow…some parts of the Tennessee valley will see 4 inches of dust in the morning…” Yeah. Riiigghhhttt.


Hi teryeah:
Thanks for that link… I’ll be going to it as the days go on…

Here’s my link… Nothing happens here… Just Dark at night and light at day-times… Sometimes it rains and the wind blows…


I’ve posted it before… So just ignore it now… :p :laugh:

Sometimes they show more of “Center”… The Queen Mary 11 is supposed to be back in on wednesday… We’ll see…


Oh well, it looked a bit more dramatic on the news here when I first posted but I was over an hour late. The only link I have is in Norwegian but the pics should translate OK :)


Thanks… Another great link… How come they are so poor at spelling… ?? lol… :p :laugh:


We’re not bad, we’re just…uhmmm… an aquired taste :)