Hey, we finally have more registered members

than audiominds…

I guess we’re coming back!

I miss Chuck though. Hey Chuck - when you coming back???


Quote (Mr Soul @ Dec. 01 2004,13:43)
I guess we're coming back!

I miss Chuck though. Hey Chuck - when you coming back???


yeah, until the cicle of crashes returns to both.

Speakin' of lost members,
What ever happened to dunggigin?
I used to enjoy his razzalings.

Yeah I miss Chuck too, he used to really hit me straight when it came to my music. I musician need that now and again.

Right - Chuck was brutally honest but you need that sometimes.

Yeah - I miss Dunggigin too!!!

After the forum crashed, some people realized that they need a real life & didn’t come back. But we’re here :laugh:


Hey, we finally have more registered members, than audiominds...

I did'nt know anybody was keeping score. And why anybody would care? I'm a member at both places. It's all good.


I miss Dungiggin too, altho’ Ali (not Ali bin Gali)'s sense of humour reminds me of Dungiggin’s a lot.

woo hoo! er, what?

what’s the point here?

I miss Dungiggin too, altho' Ali (not Ali bin Gali)'s sense of humour reminds me of Dungiggin's a lot.

Well, Toke has already accused me of being Ali Bin Gali, so why not! LOL

But, seriously now Wil, the truth is, I'm actually you. :(

Ever woken up thinking, "Where am I? Who am I?"

Ever driven to work, and all of a sudden, you're there! No memory of the journey, no memory of any of the the intervening period?

Ever wondered what happens in that "lost time"?

Well, guess what! Not only are you me, but you're probably at least three quarters of Toke's incarnations. LOL

Now for the really bad news............... :(

Ever noticed that whenever Britney Spears appears in public, you're "elsewhere"?

Ever noticed that you and Britney Spears never appear in the same place at the same time?

Ever walked past your local telephone booth and seen a blonde wig entangled with something that resembles your underpants?

Sorry mate, reality is hard to face, but, well, (sigh), someone's gotta do it!



(Sorry Wihan, :D )

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !


I was alright untill the Britney part…

That means I’m married to some dude…



Thanks , I needed this to kick start my day!


While driving to work I fell into a trance, was abducted by Klingons, saved the galaxy, had sex with an Alpha Centaurian, and put back in my truck right as I arrived at the job site, only to discover I had forgotten my SpongeBob SquarePants lunch box…depressing!

You got the one right Yaz!!! :laugh:

had sex with an Alpha Centaurian,

Good stuff, they go off like a snail on a hotplate.
had sex with an Alpha Centaurian,

Alpha Centaurian? Hmmm, that would be the dominant member of a herd of horse/man hybrids right? :D

Ach well, I can't talk, I used to know this girl once........... :laugh:


Here’s some spam from Audiominds (maybe I asked for it - i don’t remember):


Seriously - Happy Holidays from all of us here at Audiominds.com. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or something else, it is a season of joy, introspection, tradition, memories, awe and glory and just about everything else that encompasses that side of human experience that can’t be quantified by the scientific method. It is a spiritual season, celebrated in community.

Christmas has inspired some of the greatest music that has ever been written. We encourage you to use this incredible musical language to capture and express some of what the season means to you.

Our spirits sing, and so do we… and so we are musicians. We hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

Even though I lean to Judeo/Christian faith, this message crosses the religous, non-secular line to me. Flavio would never send out an email like this (which is why I’m on this forum I guess & not on audiominds).

Looks like a nice generic holiday greeting to me. I certainly see nothing to offend anyone. What’s the beef?


So I’m not the “blue meanie”, I’ll let someone else point out why the messsage is over-the-top for a Holiday message. Anyone?

I think we know where I stand in regards to Audio MInds, they’re my buds and I love the place. However, that part above does come across a little weird if you are looking for something to be offended by. If you are willing to understand the gist they are after (a figurative unquatifiable happiness that can’t be measured by science) then I don’t see a big deal. You’re diggin’ deep to be offended by that. I mean, if you measure happiness specifically by seritonin levels or something like that, then um, great. I don’t think the average endocrinologist would feel his toes being stepped on. “My life’s work not quantifiable!?!?!”

BTW, spiritual does not mean religious. The “spirit” of Woody Hayes lives on in Ohio State foot ball does not endorse religion. It doesn’t mean his ghost is floating around. I am no big religious person and am pretty scientifically based in my attitudes and beliefs, but um, getting offended by this is a stretch.

Like I said I lean toward the Judeo/Christian faith, so the message didn’t really offend me BUT… can you imagine that it might offend some?

Er…no? But then again, I’m a red state, non-feeling communist! :D :D

Seriously though, if anybody has to look that hard to be offended by that message, they need to get their heads outta their butts!


Oh, come on Mike!

I’m an atheist, but christmas is christmas, for christ’s sake! LOL

And despite my altercation with Mac, they’re a #### good bunch of guys over there, even Mac, (and god bless his arrogant, but over-sensitive, black arse! :D ).

Anyway, I assume you subscribed to the newsletter?

Lighten up mate. :)

Ali (with his head firmly up his arse. Hmmm, don’t remember eating that! LOL).