Hey Willy

Gooday Willy,
Don’t check in as often as I use to but decided to see how Version 4 was going.(Still using 3.5)

Noticed a couple of agro posts and thought I’d distract you by asking how The Lazys’ going. Last time we talked you had just taken a full time job and were looking for a new drummer.

Tried to find your website but won’t load?
(If you haven’t clicked already it’s The Drutster.)
Check in again in a couple of days. (Or email me)

Cheers, Tp

Yeah, things are good. Now using the drummer from my cover band (which I joined in the Lazy lull), who is completely and utterly awesome. We chucked out all the old songs (you got the cd, yeah?) and have started over. We’ve played a couple of BoTBs, won one, yet to do a full set due to unfinished songs.

Try http://www.lazygenetheory.com