just wanted to say hi to all. ive posted once i think? but have not spent too much time in forum. i promise to change that. im feelin some good vibes here…mostly alot of tollerance and thats a good thang. ive had my ntrack for bout 3 yrs…totally a pc newbie and i know very lil bout how ntrack works. i just keep pushin buttons till somethin takes. you can check out some of our music at soundclick. Kato (wifie) and i love listening to original music and look forward to hearing yours. we will be home for a few months so give me a shout… would love to try some collaborating across the enternet. we’re a lil weak w our instruments and recording technques but feel good bout our lyrics and and harmonies.


this is BERTandKATO’s “soundclick” page


lol it says ive posted 8 times…where was i?