Hi folks!

Just hi!

Hi folks! :D

Had a wretched few weeks. Bad reaction to a medication. Couldn’t even fret my guitar. Any of you ever have something like that? Taken two weeks to get almost normal. Woulda thought I was a junkie going cold turkey. Still not 100%. Argh. At least made some noises today.

Heard tell Craig did something big. :)

Hi TommyS
Happy your still human. I always check myself this way. If I get hungry and horny then I’m ok.

Spreader is a soul’man. :agree:

I got some bad acid back in 69… that count?

Good to see you’re back in the mix.

Craig’s my hero! Football Songs. Big session for him. Had his eyes opened to what can be.


I was thinking earlier today "Gee… haven’t seen Mr. Spademan about lately… hope he’s okay…"

Get better soon bud!


The only thing that comes to mind involved a quart of moonshine. Welcome back to the land of the living, Tom. :)

Welcome back Tom! Hope you’re 100% soon.

Yup…footy songs for me! Big day on the 11th…tunes gonna be played to 28000 football fans, then for sale after…
Real studio experience was THE BEST (cheers for asking)

Keep makin’ them noises Tom…keep makin’ them noises


Glad to see ya back Tom, sure hope you get over it quick.
Had something like that 2 years ago with an anti-biotic. Inside of my mouth turned beet red, lips swollen, couldn’t stand up to walk. Took a month to get over the meds. That’s why they call it practicing medicine, they still (doctors) don’t know what the hell their doing!

Craig comes in occasionally to see how us little people are doing, he’s big time recording artist now! :laugh:
Sorry Craig, just picking at cha! :)


Some guys over here a couple of years ago had a reaction to some medicine they were testing....their heads blew up to twice the normal size.... :disagree:

AFAIK they're all ok now....


The other guitarist in my band is going thru a tough time. He has Lupus, and it was caused by his blood pressure meds that he’s been on for 3 years.

If they could only design medications that had little-or-no side effects…

If they could only make a pill that after you took them you’d be well…
My mom is waiting for the doc to prescribe her this pill that would make her 23 again…
She can’t understand why the doc has forgotten to send that bottle of pills over to her…

Pills don’t make you better…
They keep you in the condition that you’re in when the doc tells you he has discovered you have whatever illness you have…
So, I’ve been told…

They’re (the pills/medication) are supposed to keep you from getting worse…

My doc tells me I’m gettin better…
I don’t believe him…

Anyway, TomS…
Get that guitar going and blow us some hot guitar licks…


Quote: (spreadercraig @ Apr. 02 2009, 3:19 AM)

Yup....footy songs for me! Big day on the 11th...tunes gonna be played to 28000 football fans, then for sale after...


At Sheffield Wednesday? You must mean 280 :whistle:

Welcome back Tom. Hope your recovering well, so much illness around nowadays, the world's going to the dogs!
Take care and take it slowly.
Quote: (Bruffie @ Apr. 02 2009, 9:50 AM)

At Sheffield Wednesday? You must mean 280



that’s cold! Dude - you gonna take that?!


He's probably right... the other 27720 will be Derby fans.... :laugh:



Anyway, way to go Craig! :) :agree: :) :agree: :)