Hi,Reverb in vst-i eq window

Doesn’t work - try it!


I’ve asked this question before but no response. Also I’ve sent in a report but again, no response.

Could a couple of you try add the n-track reverb plug-in to the eq “always-on” window of a vst-i channel and see if it gets a signal going through it.

Mine doesn’t, although it works fine in an ordinary audio track.


Mike F

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you talking about adding it as an insert effect to a VSTi channel?

No I meant the always-on effects section linked to the track eq window. I am refering to v4 here (I forgot to mention that) so it wouldn’t apply to 3.3

Could a few v4 users give it a try to see if it’s just me


Mike F

Good news; Flavio has just made build 1710 available which enables the use of plug-in effects/processors in the “always-on” eq window. Gain access to this by clicking on the “eq” button in the mixer channel strip.

Thank you Flavio!

Mike F

The updates are showing up very nicely… yay! :)