HickUp oO


Here’s hears to ya too

I’m sure Spreader is s m a s h e d :laugh:

Watch your drivin tonight!

A little over four hours to go, here. I think I’ll work on the ceiling fan…really. Found a perfect one in the bargain bin at Lowe’s for $35. It was originally $138. Can’t beat that. No more drinking for me so I might as well climb an 8 foot ladder to get a thrill on New Years.

Great deal Phoo! I just got home from work at 11:30. But I did salute Carmen Electra who happens to be hosting “countdown to 2011” lol Next year’s celebration might be more exciting for me :agree: I can drink all I like, but keep it at a shot or two :agree: happy new year to ya

Well, we barely made it to midnight. My kids are killers when it comes to "Apples to Apples’ however. :laugh:

TomS, you actually eat things that scream? ??? hehe
I was up until 4am, drank a big bunch for my size lol.
Hey, woke up with no hangover what gives?
2010 is starting out awesome!
You know an E is a high grade for a bad boy!

Hey Levi…its been a good old time…I think…I can only remember portions of last night :agree:

That’s the spirit Spreader! They don’t call this (state side) the “national hangover day” for nothing!! :laugh:
It should be called “world hangover day”. A little like “ground haug day”. Except, IF YOU CAN see yourself in the mirror your good to do it again! I tips me hat to ya mate!

Here’s to ya Levi :laugh:

Aye! Cheers, Levi and all. Cider is a strange thing to do to an apple - and I think I’ve had enough for a few days.

This should be a time to reflect upon the tunes we’ve written when pi%$ed - they sound great untill the morning.

:cool: IckUp.o0 hAppY 7tH oH jUly
:laugh: Just kiddin for cryin out loud, not drinking today, well maybe later ;)