hide a toolbar?

i’ve upgraded to v4, and this may be silly, but I don’t want the little mixer selection toolbar at the bottom left…it blocks my track controls when I get more than a few tracks…

see this screen shot:


any idea how to hide it? I’ve looked all in the menu…


There is a relatively new feature in build 1670 that lets you get rid of the mixer buttons via the mixer settings popup menu. Since the mixer is not visible in your screeshot, you would first need to make it visible by right-clicking somewhere in the empty space above those mixer buttons you want to get rid of, and select “Select left track bar elements” from the popup menu. In the popup window, check “Show permanent mixer strip”. The mixer strip should now appear on the left side of the screen. To get rid of the mixer buttons, right click on the mixer strip, then deselect “Show mixer strip selection in the timeline”. That should do it.

Like I said, this is relatively new, so I’m not sure it’s covered in the manual. HTH…


thanks for the reply.

I tried your suggestion and the icons are still there.

what I want to get rid of are the 6 little icons I’m pointing to in the screenshot. I called it a “toolbar” but it may not be a toolbar…the pop-up descriptions for these icons are:

show selected track mixer stripe

show master channel mixer stripe

show aux channel mixer stripe

show group mixer stripe

show instrument channel stripe

show rewire channel mixer striipe

there’s got to be a way to hide them…surely :)


I also had the same issue with V4 and entered a posting looking for help. I received a reply from “cidbil” which addressed the issue. It’s so simple yet not documented or at least it wasn’t in the old docs. Here it is:

Hi Guys,
Right click on the mixer itself and uncheck show mixer stripe in timeline. It’s the last option in the pop up menu. :)

It worked for me and I’m sure it will work for you.

Good luck


Yes, those are exactly the icons which should disappear according to my previous instructions (I was doing it myself as I typed them out), so I’m a little puzzled. Were you able to see the “Show mixer strip selection in the timeline” option in the mixer-strip popup window? If so, then you should definitely be good to go. As chrisd’s post said, “it’s the last option in the popup menu”; however, it’s NOT called “show mixer stripe in timeline”, it’s called exactly what I typed in bold above. And just to reiterate, you need build 1670 or later.

If you’re not seeing that, post what menus and options you’re seeing so we can find out where things are going wrong…


hey thanks…I got it to work…I was clicking in the track mixier stripe instead of the main mixer window before. doh!

Great! :D

Edit: Actually, it should work the same way in the track mixer strip. That’s how I do it. Hmmm… Oh well, at least it’s working!

it does work that way as well…dunno what I was doing wrong before…:slight_smile: