High end loss on mixdown...

Any ideas on this??

Hey All,

I’m having a wierd problem with a mixdown. I’ve got a song, a shreddin’ little buttrock number. It sounds great playing in ntrack, but when I mix down the high end is decimated, just sounds dull - seems like it got lowpassed at about 2Khz.

The tracks are 24/48 and mixing down to 16/48, I have Izotope Ozone brickwall limiter in the final stage (it is a buttrock song after all :D ) If I patch the output to the other computer and record the output of one to the other, it sounds okay, but just mixing down ruins it.

Anyone else run into this??

Any ideas? I’d really like to play this for the butt-rockers in question, but I sure down want it sounding like this…



What’s the mixdown file sound like if you create a new song and import that wave file back into n-Tracks by itself and play it with no effects? Is it still lacking high end?

The first thing that comes to mind is that you are playing back the mixdown in a different app that is doing something to the EQ at playback time. Windows Media Player has a thing called WOW Effects that boosts the lows in a very unnatural way (among other built-in effects), but doesn’t sound too bad to help fix up crappy sounding MP3 files. Other media players have built in EQ for example.

There is no reason for a mixdown to sound different than playing the song in n-Tracks, so when that happens look at how the mixdown file is being played.

Of course converting it to a compressed format can have all kinds of affects on the tone, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the issue.

Thanks Phoo:

Question 1: Yes…It still sounds muffled in ntrack when I re-import the wav file.

2: I’ve listened to the mixdown (wav) with winamp and audacity, and same deal.

3: Exactly, and until now it’s been that way, but I’m starting to suspect the effects chain. Do you think by using a limiter at 24 bit to push the levels up might act strangely when mixing down to 16 bit?? I did enable dithering/noise shaping with defaults also if that makes any difference.

Thanks again…


Personally, I’ve always preferred doing the mixdown to 32 bit wave file and then importing it to a wave editor and downsampling to whatever format needed (44.1 kHz/16 bit for cd, mp3’s for net). Also I’ve preferred to do the final mastering tweaks (like limiting) with the wav editor instead of nTS. On the occasions I’ve been in a hurry and had to mix down straight from the nTS to 44.1/16 I haven’t noticed any degragation, though.

Never tried to go straight from nTS to mp3. Never seemed to be a wise move.

Try doing your bit depth/sample rate conversion as a separate step. Turn the Ozone dither and noise shaping off. Mix down to 32 bit/48 khz adn then use a utility like r8brain to do the conversion to 16/44.1 set at its best conversion setting. See how that turns out. My guess is that you are heavily limiting and then not adding dither well along with a not great sample rate conversion, not to mention your bit depth getting flung all over the place from 24 bit to 32 bit to 16 bit.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try when I get home. (I’m @ work now).

Mwah - Good point, I’ll try the 32bit approach.

Bubba - The dither/noise shape is in the Ntrack mixdown options, but I’ll give r8brain a try.

Thanks for the help it’s much appreciated


Where ever it is, turn it off and dump out a straight 32 bit/48khz wav with no dither. This will be the cleanest possible output for you. Then, r8brain does a very good job of conversions.