high-res recording of Space Shuttle Liftoff?

Would like to hear what it sounds like.

Having never been able to attend a space-shuttle liftoff myself, I was wondering if anybody knows if there’s a 24-bit or higher resolution sound recording of the blastoff anywhere?

I’d love to put that up on the monitors and crank up the volume.

Most of the videos I have seen have poor quality audio with lots of clipping.

I have a feeling that that’s what it sounds like! Lots of clipping! :)


Wow! that would be one heck of a recording!

The only info I could find on the NASA site was that the sound pressure inside the payload bay was (aproximately) 180dB
This “safe” level was acheived by the use of a sound suppression system consisting of tanks holding some 300,000 gallons of water, sprayed into the launch area at lift off (hence all the clouds of steam)
This is reckoned to reduce the acoustical pressure by half.
So let’s say the shuttle makes a noise of about 200dB at it’s peak (at 300ft above ground)

I will let someone else do the math as to how far away a microphone would need to be placed in order to capture such a sound, but I’m sure there’s an audiophile somewhere, just waiting for his “big chance” :D

Bass traps anyone?


This is as close as I could find.