seeing N clearer

as our eyes get older and our monitors start to fade to grey, here are a few tips on how to increase Ns visability -

SETTINGS / Skins - UNTICK use texture for timeline background - timeline turns black -

count 15 down from top WAVE FILE BACKGROUND 1, Select, green line appears, DOUBLE CLICK on green line, colour box appears select BLACK, click OK -
now do same for the next line down WAVE FILE BACKGROUND 2 - wavefile background is same as timeline background -

NEXT LINE DOWN - SELECTED WAVE FILE BACKGROUND 1- same as above DOUBLE CLICK on green line and change colour to YELLOW - DO SAME in next line down and change colour to PURPLE -

OK SO FAR ? - now from TOP count 7 down this is AXES, change to yellow - this will show track seperators better and GRID will be yellow as well - close SKINS for the moment -

open PREFS / Appearance page / SET FONTS - set TRACK FONT NAME TO ‘ARIEL’ at 11 (ELEVEN points) and then select BOLD - close prefs -

*** DO NOT USE COLOURS FOR AXES (should be axis) that are the same as VOL/PAN/MASTER/ envelope colours ***

re-open SKINS - scroll right to the very bottom and then count 8 lines up TIME AXIS TEXT FRONT - as above change to WHITE - then same for line above TIME AXIS TEXT BACK (set to white) -

INSERT WAVE FILE - RIGHT CLICK in wave file, from popup select COLOURS and set to top RED - change other track colours to suit -

Go back to SETTINGS/Waveform display - DE-SELECT all waveform display options - they are not needed now and screen will refresh much faster -

if you cant remember all of this - highlight text / copy - open windows notepad. paste text there - save on desktop -

Dr J

The instructions are interesting and, it is helpful to know what some of the setting do.
How about uploading the “skin” to the ntrack site and then we can try your skin without repeating the work you have already done?

Thanks bax 3:
That would be a great idea… Or… even post a “Print Screen” of the image… A screen image of the editor you use is such a “Tasty” matter … Some images can be “Over-Powering” to the mental fatigue when you sit in front of a monitor screen for too long … Something like listening fatigue…


I just followed your instructions and got a very visual screen!
The instructions you gave are very clear and easy to follow. They should be included somewhere so that others could experiment. Figuring out what changes what is only done with trial and error - more tedious than I care to do.
Thanks for the work,

have just uploaded the FULL VERSION of my HIGH VISABILITY SCRENN - contains a lot more mods than i can explain here - dont know how long it will take before it can be downloaded -

you will need to refer back to my original post to complete the changes made in prefs and waveform display - just highlight the text/copy - open notepad/paste - save to desktop -

Dr J