Higher number of inputs = less buffers

How are you doing it?

Ntrack allows for a max of 64 buffers - my unit has 16 inputs, so 4 buffers per input. I’m recording hour long live sets and getting all sorts of weirdness from the ASIO and WDM drivers on the default asio buffer setting (1024). I guess that about all I can do now is increase the buffer size - I’ve set it to 4*2048 per channel but haven’t tested it yet.

What sort of settings are people using for higher numbers of simultainous track recording (8+)?


Sorry to sound flippant… Sometimes with my MOTU I get an error about buffers when I’m trying to record 8-10 tracks. I generally just “twist the knobs” in the buffer setting window until I stop getting the error message.

Very scientific, I know.

Recording 32 tracks simultaneously with 2 MOTU 2408s and WDM drivers, here are the n-track buffer settings that work for me: Recording buffers 7500, 3. Playback 5000,4.

Thats the sort of stuff I like to hear - thanks.

I like the WDM drivers for much the same reason as John said, in the case of heavy playback requierments and things go to pot, all you have to do is twist a dial. ASIO is a bit more involved, but not by much.

What sort of PC are you doing 32 tracks on?

The computer I use is an AMD 2400, 1 gig memory, and dedicated audio hard drive. It has a VIA chipset but that hasn’t seemed to be a problem.

Cool, pretty much the same as me, except I’n on an nforce2 board.