Hit You Like A Jilted Bride

Bit of a laarf really

This took about 5 minutes to write…maybe it tells.

Just a bit of an experiment really so no great emphasis on songwriting.
The intro…I just wanted to play really…the mid…I dunno…just came out.


There’s more I wanted to do but I’m not sure the song justified spending the time.
Apart from that…I actually really like it.

I dunno

Your rhythmic lyric style is becoming known as very you - If I’d heard this elsewhere it would make me think "That’s gotta be another SpreaderCraig tune."

Don’t touch it - let it be it.


I’m totally with poppa. :agree:

Funny, every time I run across the word “jilted” I just think, for some reason, “Gordon is a moron, Gordon is a moron!”

who’s gordon?
‘jilted’ is one of my favorite emotions, describes probably 30 of my 35 years on earth.
i always enjoy the crisp clean song craig gets that i can’t ever accomplish. if i hired him turning the knobs for me, then we’d have…well, clean, crisp wierd stuff.
this is a fun little tune.

Craig…That’s great mate. Don’t change or add a thing. This is Ray Davies quality of songwriting. Brilliant!! :agree: :agree:

Tom…I have the same affliction…Jilted/Gordon is a Moron! It’s automatic :)

See, jdet, Bruffie knows!

You are so right about the crispness of his recordings. Funny how folks can use basically the same equipment and what comes out always sounds so different. It’s like we’re stuck with a particular sonic realm no matter what we do. SOme of us are condemned to Tartarus, some to Elysium.

Ha! Jilted John now known as John Shuttleworth.

"Coz he’s cool and trendy…just coz he’s better looking than me…Gordon is a moron…"

Thanks all for the encouraging comments.
To be compared with Ray Davies is an honour indeed!! Could at least do with being a few quid behind him…

Another super song! great melody, great recording. Great voice, lyrics. Enjoyed it!

Jilted John on TOTP:


Craig, your stuff is great.

ruddy brilliant, as always spreadie…'mazing. :D

Thanks gang!

Most Excellent Craig!

1 critique if you please.

Quit being so dang perfect, LOL! Nah, keep up the great work!


Thanks Yaz, comments always appreciated!
(the fragile ego of the songwriter eh?)