Holding Back the Years -remake

Sipmply Red covered it

Edit: The new link is below.

Fucking awesome. If I find the time in the next few days, I’ll comment more. If not…

This rocks.

- Jason

Really unusual cover - I liked it. The only comment that I have is that I think that the drum sound could be tightened up somewhat. Have you tried the trick of a credit card (or cheaper alternative) sellotaped to the part of the kick drum head that the beater hits? This combined with a gate could do the trick. The cymbals also sound like they could do with a little more “air” - perhaps an “early reflections” reverb treatment.

Hey, Jerm!

Nice work, dude!


Thanks guys,
Silly me I forgot to split the drum track so the kick is on the left and snare on the right, I’m doin’ a remix now and should be up in a few days.
I’m also looking for the parts the drums fell off and I’ll try to fix that as well.
I wasn’t real happy with the vocal track but it’ll have to do for now.–might bring the keyboard up as well.
Anyway, nice to hear from you Ed, and Jason. I’m glad to see you were both able to get your names again.
I’ll be posting my remix and new punky sounding song I’m workin’ on so keep an eye out for that one guys…

keep shinin’

I disliked this much. Pretty dry/weak and off time.

Quote (jeremysdemo @ Sep. 15 2004,13:03)
This is an old soul song made most popular with Simply Red's rendition.

Actually this song was not covered by Simply Red; it's a Simply Red original, with music and lyrics by the lead singer, Mick Hucknall (Google to the rescue!). Maybe you were thinking of their popular remake of "If You Don't Know Me By Now"? Anyway, here's a couple of thoughts to take or leave. First, this departs so much from the original that heck, maybe you should just write your own lyrics and make it a new song? Hey, no royalty payments that way :D Second, like the original, the real energy is not written into the instrumental portion, so it has to come from the vocals--even moreso in your sparse arrangement, I'd say. Sprinkling in more of the type of energy you put into "It's all I have today!" near the very end would elevate the song, IMHO. Just some thoughts...


Edit: Oops...correction: music for the original song was co-written with a guy named Neil Moss.

I’ve tried to fix some of the obvious timing problems in the drum track. But without more info on were it falls off I have to go with it for now. I have a tendency to slap these things together in a a day or two and really don’t have the time to give such a classic the proper production it deserves.
Well enough about this botched number. I actually wrote a song last week I’d like to share with the rest of the class. It’s a spunky little ditty I’ve very cliche’icly titled “Without You”.
Without You --all scratch tracks as usual but the ideas there so feel free to give me your harshest opinion.
If that link didn’t work try it at the soundclick site…
thanks in advance and
keep shinin’
I’ve tryed putting more soul into the singing for Holdin back the Tears. And tried getting the tone closer to the original vocal on the Picture Book Album. This is the stripped down model, just trying to nail the vocal track before I sync up all the parts. I’ve left out some of the keyboard and guitar parts.
Strickly 3 peice band style.
jermHoldin Back the other tracks.

I hope it’s not as flat and lifeless as the first try…
Don’t have time to download now? I know the feelin’. Well check out the soundclick site…you can play the song instantly in your media player/ Winamp/ Realplayer -whateverAnd they call it Streeeeeaammm!!! what a beautiful thang!..
I dare to say I’m happy with it lest someone strike me down with a blow that sends me back to the woodshed once again.