Holy moly !

Marshall Class 5

5 watts of Marshallism from 3:38 on


Where did the drooling smiley go?


Can you tell that RooM is tuned to make the guitar player droooooolle…



[EDIT]]]] Too Tooooo much… :)


Testing, testing 1-2-1-2-2-2


Edit: Thanks Pops :)

Marshall Amps are close to the top of what and how a tube amp should sound like… Vox Amps are nice, as well… and… If I were able to go to the Marshall Demo center I like to take my Fender Pro Reverb Amp there with me a A-B it with one of them Marshall Amps that is close to it’s behaviour… I repaired and serviced all of them amps for the guys that used to deal at the Musicstop… Transistor amps have their place… BUT… Tube Amps … and to see that many Marshall Tube amps at one time… :) :p :agree:

Boy… I’d like to visit there one day…