Honestly, UJ. I'm really really really trying...

Here’s a really stupid song about a really bad New Year’s Eve gig a long time ago. One cliche from beginning to end. :)


But it’s like I go down to do one thing and end up doing another, and so I went down to get the tracks for my good friend UJ, and got sidetracked, and then it was dinner time…


Tom. Your bandcamp links are bust at my end this eve?

Hmm. OK here. Well, just go to


and then to the album tentatively titled ‘Chin Waggin’"

And then listen to the 2nd and third songs, which are from today. When I was supposed to be doing something else, for Uj.




I’ll listen to the new stuff when I can… I can’t call you a “slacker”… because I AM the champion of that. :laugh:


Don’t listen to this one. Just messing around. One large cliche from beginning to end. Sometimes ya just gotta get that stuff out of your system.