hope for v.4 users

Hey all;

I’ve been fighting with various builds of v.4 for months now (does anyone have a stable build?). It keeps crashing, not playing, locking up, not recording… you name it.

Anyway I think I have found at least a partial remedy:

Right click on desktop =>
Settings =>

Then wherever it is in your particular display adaptor, turn the hardware acceleration to none. I haven’t done any heavy duty recording or anything yet, but at least I can play and edit without lockups. This may have been mentioned before, but it’s not something I ever tried, since everything worked fine until switching to v.4

Try it; maybe it will work for you.

The last pre .net build 4.04 b 1811 might be worth a try. It is very stable with my desktop.

Sound like you have a video card that has a badly behaving driver. Some cards lock the bus to improve performance stats, and that can cause all kinds of problems in audio land.


(does anyone have a stable build?)

I’m afraid I have to be one of those annoying people who reply and say “no problems here”…

No problems here with any of the V4 versions I’ve used.

I’d go with Phoo’s suggestion.

Thanks for the input guys.

Phoo, is there some way to disable this irritating little function? I have the latest driver for the card. The casrd is a Sapphire, but uses an ATI Radeon 9200SE chip. Also, as for the .NET framework, does v.5 use this?
Oh, I was using N last nite and it was still pretty good, but misbehaved a little - things like not playing when I hit play the 1st time, and popping the Microsoft error report message when I closed the app.


The video cards that I know for sure did that were older PCI cards made by Matrox. There was a special reg key that could be created that could be used to disable that “feature”. It was also long ago. I suggest searching for other problems reported with the Sapphire. I don’t know of any myself, though I haven’t looked very far.

I had some problems that went away when I switched cards. There was nothing particularly wrong with my video card. It just didn’t perform well with my combination of hardware for whatever reason.

If your problems are solved by keeping the video hardware acceleration off and video performance isn’t too slow for other apps then I suggest not worrying about it too much. Do what works, but keep your eyes open in case there is another “AH HA!” moment. Those are great.

V5 uses .NET. The full download includes the install of the version .NET required. I don’t remember which version of .NET V5 needs, but there have been problems caused by beta versions of .NET being installed on some machines. In almost all cases the beta .NET MUST be uninstalled before installing the next beta or the final released version. There’s been some hard to track down problems caused by not uninstalling .NET first.

That said, there are a few different versions of .NET that are made to be installed side by side. 2.0, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0…it can get confusing, but that’s normal. These are indeed different versions and the work fine side by side, as long as there aren’t any beta versions messing things up.

When in doubt ask Flavio which .NET is needed (I think there V4 needs some version of .NET as well) and check out Microsoft’s website to see what the latest versions are.

EDIT: Take a look at some of these posts. Maybe something will ring a bell.