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Hello :
Does anyone out there know of a hosting site(other than myspace) where I can post my music for others to download for free and without having to register or sign up.
Obie :)

Hi Obie:
Most of these sites want you to register so they can commit you to buying more space… Most of these places don’t allow the posting of music file extensions… even after registering… There are places over in Europe and the UK that allow the posting of music file extensions and they are at no charge… Lycos and Angelfire are but two…


You have to sign up for soundclick, but they do give you unlimited space and allow mp3 downloads if you want. And they haven’t sold my email to anyone.

is OK, but people do complain about having to sign up to download song from there.
Motagator is already mentioned, but limits to 3 song I think…
Is ok.
Some of the sites are good networking with other musicians, artistopia, indie911, etc.
Some a good for certain genres, like purevolume seems to have a greater number of heavy music listeners, punk, metal etc.

IT depends on what your looking for I guess…

keep shinin :cool:

Quote (jeremysdemo @ Feb. 13 2007,17:27)
IT depends on what your looking for I guess...

Exactly right. If you are just wanting to share your music with friends, they probobly won't mind signing up for soundclick if they like the song well enough to download it. It's quick and free. Plus, you can post all your songs for people to listen to and enjoy, and they don't have to sign up to listen to them. Of course, you can't edit the look and feel, and the pages look terrible, if you ask me. If any of this is a problem for you, you can also use motogator. It's a wierd URL, so it can be a problem to remember, but you can change the look and feel (or you once could, at any rate), and you can post a few songs like on myspace (though it is better than myspace in some ways). I've got several artist pages:

I had another, but I think the place shut down.


I have a few which were already mentioned…soundclick & motagator. My newest one is free and allows plenty of space. Its at and its fairly new.


In addition to what I wrote previously…

Maybe this is a somewhat well known internet trick…There are a bunch o’ free email services (g-mail, yahoo, etc.) Get an account at one of them and use it only for signing up for different sites that want an e-mail address as part of their signup procedure. Then, any resultant spam or whatnot won’t matter much as that is not your primary, everyday e-mail account.


Plenty of good places to hang my tunes, thanks for all the info :)