Hough Downs?


Say goodbye to blood pressure drugs? Hugh Downs reports on artery clearing secret in Bottom Line Book… Yea for $39.99 per copy! I don’t know the actual price but wasn’t Hugh a news anchor? Someone who’s honor was at stake for giving the news; “fair and balanced”? We’ll I suppose I can let him off the hook since news papers cost a little. And then news programs cost though cable billing. Ok so he wants to suggest that he knows a secret but you have to pay to find out! No offense but wouldn’t you think that those suffering with clogged arteries would want to know asap? Or how about those doctors? Don’t ya think they would like to know? Why doesn’t one doctor buy the book, read it, and then start treatments?
Screw status quo! Sounds like bs to me.

I know something that y’all don’t know!

you my friend a one bored puppy - go write Hugh Downs Blues!

:laugh: you got it! Yea I'll use this for lyrical inspiration. Problem is I've always liked him.