House GOP Changes Rules to Protect DeLay

House GOP OKs Rules Change to Allow DeLay to Keep Post if He Is Indicted on Corruption Charges.

Pete - does stuff like this bother you at all?

I watched Delay talk about this in his press conference. He tried to make it seem like he had no involvement in the decision to change these rules - what a joke. He was sweating all over - you could plainly see that he was very uncomfortable.

He tried to turn it around & blame the DA in Texas that may indict him. If the DA’s claims were baseless, then Delay would have nothing to worry about. Delay is a weasel & a crook! This just s*cks IMO.

I hope they nail Delay’s a**! :angry:

Innocent until proven guilty…supposed to be that way you know, but we know that’s not always the case. Were the rules changed to allow him to keep his job if he was found guilty? That would wrong.

I’m not taking up for Delay. I’d say he’s in hot water unless there is under the board finagling.

Phoo - the irony is that the Republican’s are the ones who originally passed these rules (to get the Democrats). :p :O :laugh:

Ain’t it the truth… :)

My Republican wife thinks this is appauling.