House votes to repeal part of USA Patriot Act

Patriot Act.

It shows that when the right & the left see things in clear perspective, we can get things done in this country. Too bad we couldn’t have repealed more of the act IMO.

Here’s a story that definitely alludes to media bias. They point out how the actions of the house were characterized by an AP writer as “a slap at President Bush.” That’s a rather violent metaphor, especially when it’s in the lead paragraph of the story that was cited. It also suggests the House may have been more concerned about defying President Bush rather than preserving civil liberties. That seems misleading to the point of having a political intention behind it.

No - you’re on your media bias kick again.

The fact is that it is a slap to Bush because he wants the whole bill to pass unchanged.

A real slap would be to repeal the whole act, not 1/16 of it, or whatever part the library provision represents. Again, the strength and emphasis of the metaphor makes this sound really, really bad; it’s not as if Bush personally wrote the bill. We don’t have an honest indication of how Bush feels about this action. To call this a setback is one thing, but to call it a slap sounds much more personal and calculating.

By your standards this story is biased too - Pistons are kings of their palace. I mean that Pistons aren’t kings just because they won 1 game out of 3. And surely Detriot is not a palace or their palace?

Come on ksdb - you need some fresh air :laugh:

The Palace is actually the name of the venue in Auburn Hills (Detroit), but the Kings of the NBA are in Sacramento.

This is just like asking corporate headquarters for investment capital for improvements or such. You always ask for more than you really expect to get. See? Government does work like private industry in some ways…

Media bias? NO WAY… :p