how's the EMU 0404 and the MAudio 2496?

clean sound and no headaches…

Hey all!

Been lurking around here for awhile now, and this seems to be a good bunch to ask a newbie question of.

Right now I am using n-track on a crappy 16 bit creative card of some sort, and the noise is driving me nuts. I’m looking to upgrade, but not only is my wallet a little thin, but I am far from any sort of high dollar pro recording guy - I just need something better than what I have.

Like the title says, I’ve been looking at the EMU 0404 and the M Audio 2496. Wondering if anyone here has experience with them and can offer up some pros and cons for one or both, or possibly even throw another contender into the ring.

Main goals for me out of this upgrade are to get a clean sound, without pops and nasties, and a fairly simple setup. A little tweaking and testing is OK, but no major headaches allowed! I don’t need many inputs (2-4 is fine) and I also don’t need a plethora of built-in effects, although, that wouldn’t necessarily be bad either…

So, fire away! I’m all ears…errr…eyes in this case I guess!

Thanks in advance!


The 2496 is a great card for a great price. I used one to record my last CD; it works like a champ, no noise, etc…

Don’t know anything about the other card, however.


I don’t have either card but am running an EMU 1820M.MAUDIO by far has the better drivers.Less bloated and they update their drivers alot more frequently than EMU.It seems like it takes months for EMU to have fixes and updates available.Still,they make great sounding cards.The 2496 Im sure sounds good as well.Both quality cards with a slight edge for Maudio simply because of their frequent driver updates.

I’ve had two Deltas and like them a lot particularly the mixer utility which is the same as the 2496.

I have a EMU0404. and am really happy with its performance and the neat interface / on-screen mixer they provide. This gives me quite a bit of versatility.

THe first obstacle I came across was having to upgrade N to the 24-bit version. It appears that EMU0404 does not want to play 16-bit despite N’s capabilities of being quite flexible. Still, nice to be up there with the early adopters :D

Good luck

Thanks all for your input. I’ve hit a bit of a money crunch (wife went CRAZY with her cell phone!) this month, so I’m going to have to put off my purchase a bit longer, but I WILL be getting something soon!

Thanks again!

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention, the EMU does not have an in-built synth for your MIDI files or instruments to use. I get round this by using the Windows general synth and a load of plug-ins. Not sure if this applies to M-Audio