How can i Delete .wav files??? --iPad version

How can i Delete .wav files??? --iPad version

Such a nicely performing program (started using it about 10 years ago, PC version) with such an unpleasant and counterintuitive interface!!

I cannot see any button saying “edit” or “delete” in a large list of accumulating .wav files… There must be some way but i can’t see it.

P.S. is there automation feature??



when you delete a track the app now asks if you want to delete the file (it didn’t in previous versions).
Also you can delete files already in the iPad pressing the hammer button, then selecting ‘Browse’, then scroll to the file you want to delete, then swipe from left to right over the file. A red ‘delete’ button will appear over the file (that’s the same system you use to delete emails in the Mail app).

Automation envelopes are not there in the current iPad version, however a new iPad/iPhone version will be released in about three weeks with a much improved user interface, and with support for volume/pan envelopes automation.

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