How can I hear me recording without latency?

I am recording my sax and trying to be able to hear myself and the other tracks that I am recording to with no delay. I tried using the live processing but even with my soundblaster Live there is too much delay even after messing with the buffer settings. I had read that people usually get around this by using a mixer.

Here is my setup:
I am using a condenser mic that requires Phantom power. Therefore I am powering that with a small mixer. The only thing being input to it is the Mic. I then take the line out of the mixer to the line in on my SOund Blaster Live. RIght now I am listening to the headphone/line out of the soundblaster to hear the backing tracks As I record, but I can’t hear myself through the headphones obviously. How can I hear the backing tracks and what I am playing into the mic in my headphones with no latency and make sure only the Sax track is being recorded into N-track?


A few suggestions to get you up and running. I would first install ASIO4ALL drivers (Use ASIO4ALL WDM in n-Track) to run your sound blaster because there are serious issues with the creative drivers. It’s what I use.

Your setup is correct except for one thing, all you need to do is go into your windows sound control panel “Playback Section” and make sure the Line out is not muted. You should be able to hear yourself through the mic.


I am not sure whether to call you a genius or me an idiot! The line in on my playback devices was muted for some reason. Once I un muted it I hear everything perfect!
Thanks for pointing this out!I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think to look at that.
Thanks again!


On an added note: The “Live” button should be left un-engaged unless you want to hear the effects (reverb and such)while you are recording new tracks and if you use effects while recording you will again have a lag. I wish this button could be renamed to something a bit more descriptive - maybe “Effects-Live”