How Do I Apply Effects Destructively?

I tried, and it’s not working…

Hey troops…

Just trying to apply some of the effects permanently to cut down on CPU labor, and I have pressed “Apply effects” as the manual seems to suggest. I have also selected “Destructive editing” for my editing mode. I would THINK this would permanently alter the intended tracks. However, upon test-piloting this method, I was still able to remove the effects afterward… I just want to be to apply to apply compressors and EQ to all of my tracks permanently. What am I doing wrong? Help! :)

Thanks again!


I do it differently. I tend to do a mixdown of just the track I’m interested in, and then re-import the resultant track.

I’ll then generally mute the original track just in case, or make a save the song as a new name.



Make sure you have the track selected. If that’s not it then there might be a bug in the program. You may want to contact Flavio (post a bug report).

I don’t use this feature either. I do exactly the same thing Mark suggests.

There’s a minor gotcha related to track sync when using sub-mixes. If you try that and run into a problem we can start a new thread on the gotcha.