How do I clear deleted effects from the list?

Deleted ones still show up in the box

I uninstalled some plug ins and they still show in the effects window… how do I clear them?

Open up the fx box for a track and click "Settings"

You can add, remove, move around fx in there


Thanks Rich,

I’m trying that and they are deleted, but they still show up on the list… list is way too long to manage. Any other ideas?

If it’s a VST, delete the dll from your VST folder and re-scan

If it’s a DX, uninstall it and rescan

I removed them entirely… rescan? I just rebooted - what does it mean to rescan?

Appreciate the help!

When you go to the fx settings box you can rescan your PC for fx.

It will add any new ones and remove any that no longer exist

OK… .found the re-scan (was hiding at the bottom of the screen)… did it and they’re STILL there… driving me nuts.

Are they VST or DX fx?

I just removed one of my dll’s for a VST fx and rescanned and it was no longer in n-track’s list…

They are Direct X… Waves fx from a demo

Uninstall them fro meither your start menu or add/remove programs in the Windows control panel.

Then do a rescan in ntrack and that should get rid of them

If that doesn’t fix it download DXMan from analogX

That should get rid of them


I uninstalled from add/revome programs… its gone - even a search of my hd shows no files by that name… and they still show up… sorry to be a pain, I appreciate your efforts!

Hi Lane,
in my case the Rich´s suggestion (DXMan) worked fine. Did you try?


Yes, I DL’d DXMan - I haven’t had time to go through all of them. I got a ton of them on my list and DXMan only lets you pick and delete one at a time (I think) But from what I can see - the ones I did clear, still seem to be there… how strange…

In that case, the only other suggestion that I have is the use of some windows registry cleanup tool. But it’s strange that the DXMan can localize the DX but can’t remove it.

Yeah… strange it is, I agree. Even a search of the hard drive says the files are gone… but still on the list. Would a re-install of Ntracks clear it?

Hey, Lane,

Before you reinstall N-track, you might try resetting N-track to its default settings (press “Revert preferences to the default settings” under File/Preferences/Settings/Recording Settings). Just remember that you’ll need to setup your audio and MIDI devices again, as well as other N-track customizations you might have made. After doing this N-track will need to restart for the changes to take effect. Then see if those plugins are still listed after a scan.

Also, just wondering–what build of N-track are you using? Just check under Help/About… (but you probably already know that).


If dxman doesn’t do it; google for: DX-uninstaller, freeware by V. Burel, and if you can’t find it, PM me and I’ll email it to you.


Build is 1811 Version 4.0.4 I"m looking for DX uninstaller… there seem to be several variations