How do I convert 1 hour recording to songs?

Convert live master to small songs

Hi, i recorded my group’s last performance live with n-track.
Pushed “record” then ran like a pony for the count off…

I ended up with 10 tracks that are 1 hour long and HHUUGGEE.

How can i break this long session into individual song files that are easier to work with? The goal is to correct my misssstakes and burn a live CD.

any tips appreciated.


I did the same thing when recording our band’s live CD. Use a good wav editor like Sound Forge - it’s easy with that.

Sound Forge is a great too but you can do it in N-Track too. Here is how you can break down each of the ten songs .Are each of these 10 tracks in stereo? If not, mixdown the whole file into one stereo track.
Then use the sizing buttons to the right and left of each track to bring the whole 10 down to an individual one, (ie, first song) and do a save as, (ie song name) and then go back to your original 10 tune track and do the same for each of the songs. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO A SAVE AS FOR EACH SONG SO YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL RECORDING AS A BACK UP AND ALSO, CAUSE IT HAS ALL THE SONGS. Does this make sense to you?

I agree with syn707.

However, while maybe not the perfct tool for this application (n-track is the tool you need ) :D your post made me think of a piece of sofware I keep around for cuttin up WAV files; “CD Wave Editor”

If you were to use this, you would definitely want to mix the 10 tracks down to 1 and then cut it up into individual songs. Since you probably want to treat each song a little different, I like syn707’s idea. The only thing I’d add in addition to the “save as” is to make an entire “working copy” of the original tracks before you start to edit them so you have the originals off to the side untouched and not being worked on.

There is another way using n-Track.
1. Find the beginning of the song/track by zooming in as far as you need.
2. Right click on the Timeline and choose “Add marker here” (or ). I ususally leave a breath between the marker and the actual beginning of the material (I think it sounds better that way).
3. Zoom back out, then zoom into the end of the song/track.
4. Right click on the Timeline and again choose Add marker here".
5. Fade out ending, if necessary, using the volume envelope, etc. Add compression, limiting, reverb, or whatever.
6. When ready to save the song/track, right click between the markers and choose “Select between markers” (or ).
7. Click on the Render the song icon (CD with left arrow).
8. Choose "More options"
9. Choose “From” in the “Interval to mixdown” (n-Track will have figured out the beginning and ending times)
10. Choose Browse and name the song/track
11. Choose Start. Voila!!

I usually mark the beginning and ending of all of the tracks (you can even name the markers - right click on Timeline, Manage markers), then zoom back to see the whole wav file, then render each of the tracks.


If you were happy for the tracks to be completely separate rather than run together as one complete performance, you could do the following:

1. Backup the original untouched tracks

2. Open your n-Track .sng file with the original recordings in and resave it under the name of the first song

3. Highlight everything on all tracks after the end of the first song and cut that (in non-destructive mode).

4. Remix and alter that song to your heart’s content (non-destructively of course).

5. Repeat from step 2 for each of the subsequent songs, just cutting out the others you don’t need.

You will then end up with a .sng file for each song, which you can mixdown as appropriate, you still have your original files to go back to if you need, and as long as you do your editting in non-destructive mode, any changes can always be undone.