How do I get the EQ box to origional size?

I am using version 4.2 (build 2099) I acidentally expanded the the EQ and compressor box for a track and I can’t get it back to regular size.
What do I do to size it proparly?

If you expanded to full screen, right click on the graphic equalizer and uncheck full screen on the menu that appears. If you enlarged the window but didn’t make it full screen, then instead move your mouse pointer slowly over the top edge of the equalizer window (just above where it says ‘Track Channel x Settings’). When your mouse pointer changes to the two horizontal line thingy, click and hold down the mouse, and you should be able to drag the boundary to the verical size that you want. Then do the same thing on the left boundary of the equalizer window.


Thanks for the replay - but none of that worked. I did finally right click somewhere tha got a “Allow Docking of this Window” message. I unclicked that option then I was able to resize the window. I hope I dodn’t do this again, because I’m not sure how it happened or how to fix it.

Double-clicking the title bar is all it takes. That SHOULD make it resize so everything fits nicely, but it does…umm…a little more. :)

Drag a mixer to be smaller than can show what’s in it then double click the title bar (V4…maybe V5) to see what it’s supposed to do. It will expand to show everything. Drag it short and wide first for best results.