How do i record fader moments?

Lots of changes in the new versions, and I can’t find some things in the Help manual.
I want to record fader movements as I listen - I used to be able to do that. Is the feature still there and how do I use it?
Next Question: I looked up using takes and I can’t seem to find the icon the manual refers to. It wants me to click on the lower left of the track - somewhere? The left hand box shows nothing that I can find and the track itself has the toggle to select the track. Any help would be appreciated.
I keep finding features I didn’t know were there. so, pardon me if I missed something. I really have tried to find it in the manual but search gives me little or notherin.

Mix down during playback? Never done it before. Just a guess. Automation?


Yep. I used to know where the feature was located. You played the song and recorded the fader movements as you listened. It was a good way to reach the levels you wanted on a track. I’ll bet it’s still there (at least I hope so.). Any body know where it is, or if it’s still there?

Should be in the mix down menu.


Sorry I took so long to respond. That’s not what I’m looking for. The automation was in the track mixer I think. Appreciate the response though.

FOUND IT! At the top of the left hand box, below the menus and above the track lists is an icon that will give you choice that include recording the fader movements as you play back the recording.