How do I record from wav or mp3 playback?

Using M-Audio Firewire 410

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to record what’s currently being played by my computer (i.e. wav or mp3 file) to another wav file using my M-Audio Firewire 410. I’ve sat and stared at the mixer for about 30 minutes now and haven’t figured it out. I remember with my old SoundBlaster Live card i could select to record “What U Hear,” but I haven’t found the equivalent in the M-Audio mixer, nor have I figured out how to send the playback to an input to be recorded. Help!

it would be something along the line of “wav/midi/CD” or the like. If it isn’t there, then it may not allow it internally. then you’d need to physically run a cable out the “out” and in the “in”. But, why are you recording from a wav? I understand with an mp3, I guess, although you really would be better using a wav editor (audacity is free) to just convert it offline. But youy can always just import a wav and manipulate it non-destructively. Or are you trying to record streaming audio online, and just don’t want to tell us? :;): If so, then you need to look for the formentioned or do the formentioned, unless someone else here knows differently.


But youy can always just import a wav and manipulate it non-destructively.[/QUOTE]


Just open a .wav from N-track -dont re-record. For Mp3’s, I first onvert to .wav, then open in n-track. no “recording” is nessissary.