How do I set the number of Aux channels?

There was a setting on the options page to control how many Aux channels - I can not longer find it. Can someone tell me how to turn them on and off?

I looked one day forever and never did find it. I finally gave up and opened an old song file that already had enough then renamed and deleted all the tracks.

From memory (not used n-track for a while) in older versions (probably pre 5) it’s in the preferences somewhere. For new versions I think there’s a menu item to add a new Aux channel.

I’m not at a machine with n-track. I’ll check and come back unless someone more knowledgeable comes along first.


Menu–>Add Channel–>Add New Aux Channel

The Menu > Add Aux adds one - I’ve got 3 I don’t want. How do I turn Off (get rid of) the Aux channels?

Display AUX’s in the mixer. See the title bar on the strip where it says Aux 1,2 or 3? Click there, when the dialog pops open click “Delete Channel”.


that does it!
Thanks Doggenes.

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