How do I shut down rewire?

How do I properly shut down Rewire when using with a plugin like Melodyne?

Hi Bax,

what do you mean by ‘shut down’? You should just delete the n-Track Rewire channel (visible in the mixer) to close the rewire connection.


That’s what I thought, but I still get a flag to “make sure rewire is closed.”
That confused me.

Hi Bax. Sorry to hear about your problem. Making music in itself is frustrating in enough. Back in the day N-Track was Awesome. Support was fantastic. Good luck now. May I suggest that you investigate real DAW options? They are out there. Good luck.

You post after three years urging users to search for another DAW, what is your problem exactly? If you don’t like n-Track why don’t you hang out on the forum of some other software that you like?


I posted the request for how to properly close rewire as I could not find to answer otherwise, I am disappoint that my posted question offended you. I did not and have never advocated another DO W. I do not know where you got that. Frankly, as a long time user, demo tester and advocate for n-Track I’m am offended.
I do not advocate or use another DAW.
For years I have used Sound Forge primarily because of the noise reduction program. I bought the Sound Forge Audio Studio because it is 64 bit and 64 bit iZotope is supported by them and IZotope will not support problems I have when usingi IZotope with n-Track. That has sums times given me insight into what has gone wrong with ntrack. Sound Forge is a mastering program that does not replace n-track. SF does not support non-destructive editing in that changes must be rendered to save changes that can be re- accessed after exiting the program. It also is not a multi-track recorder and I use N-track for all my recording. You can not easily see the changes in plugins that are changed. It is in no way a replacement for n-track, and I HAVE NEVER SAID IT WAS.
In order to produce “broadcast quality” I must use I-Zotope to control loudness and mastering as n-Track can unexpectedly become unstable without any indication. This is not limited to n-Track programs as IZotope has acknowledged problems. Even wth their approved programs. It often just closes without sending a notice to you that there is a problem.
I do have a problem with the search feature on both windows and particularly iPad. There is no search button (F3 works for Windows, but that is not a hyperlink and may not be known by younger users.). I pad has no search feature that I can find. I could not find the answer to my question on how to correctly close rewire in the manual, The rewire wind offers No Help on this point. So I asked the forum. I thought that was what it was for and I have often been able to assist many people with questions.
N-track has gone through a great deal of changes that have not always been easy to accept, Primarily because the area to activate may have change and I have a hard time seeing or locating the icon. Occationalky, things do not work as they once did. That’s an issue for long time users as we get into habits
I have used nTrack since version 2. I spend hours, often too many, trouble shooting problems and filling the result or lack of results to you and or Andrea.
IZotope is a real problem for me, and I understand that what another vender does is not in your control. But that Is a problem for me and my partner. We have invested heavily in them and he has far fewer problems with his preferred DOW. But I do the tracking and I am trying to use IZotope within N-Track to give him tracks to Finalize without him trying to remix. When mastering my hearing cannot discern problems that he can spot. I depend a great deal on the visual imetering and the presets found in IZotope.
I recently bought a new C: drive
Loaded only programs I currently use
IZotope has issued free updates to the newer versions and I’m hopeful that they will fix some of the problem the IZotope plugins have.
Bax 3

Hi Bax,

just to clarify, my last message was in response to musicman1964, not you.

I did a quick search and it appears that Safari on iPad allows to search into the page:

As for the problems with iZotope plugins, we’ve investigated and so far we haven’t been able to find anything that n-Track may be doing wrong that triggers the issue. The plugins are crashing inside code that draws the plugin user interface. We’ve been in contact with iZotope developers, they have replied and asked for more details on the issue but so far didn’t provide any solution or workaround.


They posted an update today for Ozone 9 and the plugins included in the download. Norton shut down the download for something Norton thought was a threat. I downloaded it after disabling Norton and ran Norton antivirus with no reported virus.
I have not had a chance to test yet. Here’s hoping.