How do I sned Dmp files

I have a problem to report

Ok, so the new version 5 has a dump fiole creatted when there is a problem. Anyone know how to send it to Flavio?

Zip it (should be a bit over 2 megs when zipped) and send it in email as an attachment.

I’d do that if I could find where the support/feedback form asks has a place to put an attachment. Maybe a suggestion would be tha when the program crashes it bring up a message that will automatically send the report if you want - like XP does.
If the place to attach the info is obviouse, please be gentle, it’s been a long day.

There is no way to attach through the support form. You’ll have to use a regular email app (send to support at ntrack dot com or info at ntrack dom com)

I did a search on my hard drive and I can’t find the file. I’m guessing it did not save. I emailed Flavio about the problem.

There’s a dialog that will pop up asking if it should be saved. It will be in this directory: C:\Documents and Settings</b>[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Temp as some variation of n-Track Studio.dmp.

A crash bad enough might not be able to pop open the dialog. That would probably mean the crash was down in a driver somewhere.

thanks, but I got the errow box with the information: however, MS Explorer search did not find the file until I actually went to the temp folder itself - curious. Anyhow, now that I have found it I will send it to Flavio.
Thanks again,

Search doesn’t always look in EVERY folder. “Local Settings” is a hidden folder so it may have been excluded even if search hidden folders is turned on. I’ve regularly found the built in windows search function to miss finding files I knew were there.

It would probably be a good idea for Flavio to find a more obvious place to store the file then. I also had to zip the dmp file to get hotmail to accept the file because it was over 5 mb. I guess, he doesn’t relly need to have every crash sent to him, probably be a great deal of repeats. Anyhow, thanks for the help.

Hi Gents:
I stand corrected on this… But… A crash on one DAW may not produce a crash on another DAW… But, the same crashes on several DAW’s may be slightly different on each one… or it might make the different DAWs behave differently to the crash?? It wouldn’t hurt to let Flavio see the .dmp files and let him mull over the crashes… It can only help us with our stability issues, and all… Well, that’s how I see it… ???


I sent the file to Flavio and he has fixed the problem with version 2083 - pretty excellent service if you asked me!

Hi bax3:
This is the biggest thing sense sliced bread…

I remember back in the v1 and v2 days, when nobody wanted to download and install the builds as Flavio posted them… Me included…

Not sense build 2039-2042 do I hesitate downloading and installing the latest builds, anymore…

I think it was the change-over of the install .exe that caused the issue at that time…

The more of these .dmp files we can feed Flavio, the better/stable n-Track will become… In my opinion, that is… I don’t pretend to know what information is in those files but in the end, we will all benefit from sending these .dmp files off to Flavio…


N (build 2180 running on Win2k) was happily playing away today then it just stopped, up-popped the error file box saying n track had created errors and the program had to be terminated - when i looked for thr N track.dmp file it wasnt there but a USER.dmp file had been created, this was generated by windows not N track and was 400+meg in size - imagine sending that by dial-up if you thought it was Ns dmp file - 10 mins per meg X 400+ = er? long time! -


I do think it would be good if dmp files could be sent more automatically. A few things that may help and or interest you:
Sending the file gets needed changes made. From the first file I sent Flavio generated update 2082 - it did not work correctly on my computer. I sent Flavio the new dump file. The 2082 was removed within a very short time and build 2083 was posted - it works great!
Each file I sent got a response from Flavio.
The file can be ZIPPED to make them small enough to send. There is apparently alot the zip can do with this type of file because it cut the size to less than half.
When you agree to send the file, Ntrack asks if you want to send the Memory information along with it. If the complete dmp file is too large the file without the memory information is considerabley smaller and might be enough to help. (I can see how dial-up would be an issue)
You will probably have to go to the Documents and Settings/ (your folder)/ Local Settings/ Temp to find the file as a search of the drive will probably not show the file.
Hope this helps,

I hear you loud-and-clear… bax3…

If I didn’t know better I would say that all of that code is in place for Flavio to receive automatic reports… It might mean that Flavio and the users, like us will have to agree to share information… Maybe, some of you know more about this privilege/sharing than I do…

Privacy and sharing may come into play, here…