How do I view condensed mixer panel for each track

Hi. I was using an older version of n-track for a while but recently got the newest version, and I’m having a problem. You know how normally you can see the little panel at the left of each track and use it to mute and unmute, solo the track, etc.? Well, I accidentally deleted those today and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them back! Can anyone help? Thanks! :)

Right click in that area and choose "Select left track bar elements"

Or yo may have just dragged the size of the left track bar so it’s against the edge of your screen. I which case drag it back towards the right side until it’s the size you want.


God, I love you!!!

I was so freaking frustrated and my boyfriend and I almost had an argument about it because he couldn’t fix it for me and it’s been bugging me for a month and I was about to bite his head off. LOL! So he thanks you too. Heehehee!

Problem solved. :D

Mmm (sniff); I love happy endings!!!

:) :D :laugh: :p

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Tony W